Feminism as hate speech

Feminism as hate speech over at Judgy Bitch.

Domestic Violence, Rape, Child Abuse & the science of hatred.

Pesky facts muddle the narrative.


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Cross of Gold

Edwin Vieira’s Phenomenal essay–how to get our monetary system returned to sound money

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Edwin Vieira on Sound Money

Edwin Vieira on Sound Money– The Road Not Taken (Walking Away From The Federal Reserve)

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The fruit of Heller and true federalism

What a balancing test will show for right to carry laws

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Christian Marriage

Don’t miss Dalrock’s post on Re framing Christian Marriage:

Part 1

Part 2: Rebelling Wives

Part 3: Husbands as Helpmeets

Part 4: Judging the performance

Part 5: Sex as a weapon

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Vox Day succinct MRA post

Via Instapundit:
VOX DAY TO PEGGY NOONAN: You don’t understand my generation at all.

It is neither the Internet nor the anonymous commentary it provides that has brought about the ongoing revolution of the male perspective concerning what once used to be known as “the fair sex.” It is, rather, the result of the first generation steeped in feminist propaganda from kindergarten to college graduation reaching an age where their voices are finally being heard. And the voice of the male half of Generation X and those generations following it is a contemptuous one indeed, because many of these men, including some of the most articulate, understand how utterly they were lied to by every authority figure they ever knew concerning the opposite sex.

Seems right.

The men of Noonan’s generation – at 62, she is a Baby Boomer – still operate under the assumption that women will behave as they did when their behavior was kept in check by traditional expectations. They still believe in the myth of the fair sex. …The men who grew up playing Atari… and Nintendo…know better. What Noonan is witnessing is not male diminishing of women because they are women, but rather, well-merited male contempt for women due to their observed behavior.

Men have long understood that instinctual male behavior was barbaric at heart and needed to be suppressed in order for civilization to prevail. What was forgotten was that instinctual female behavior was even less civilized.

This reminds me of the phrase that both Men and Women are fallen, but women fell first.

What Peggy Noonan does not realize is that whereas men once assumed that a woman was a lady until proven otherwise, increasing numbers of them assume women are shallow and superficial until they are provided with credible evidence to the contrary.

Related: Charles Murray’s one-sided shaming. Seems there’s lots of anti-Boomer pushback from the Pickup Artist community.

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The Battle is Joined: Sarah Hoyt chooses to defend Men

Sarah Hoyt is rightly outraged by a snowflake that thinks the contraception kerfuffle is War on women.  Her response is an epic reframe of the issue into its proper context that War is hell:

Let me tell you what war is, okay?

War is where the enemy decimates your numbers – like, say in China where abortion is killing mostly females.

War is where you are kept from learning – like in most Arab countries, where women have restrictions placed on their education.

War is where your houses are burned, your children taken away into slavery, your goods looted, and you are dragged away in chains.

In the United States, right now, women have preferential treatment – by law – in any company that gets federal funds (which heaven help us, right now, is most of them.)  Women live longer than men.  Cancers that affect females get more money and more attention than those that affect only men.  Women have the right to be sole deciders on abortion, and if they decide to keep the child and make the man pay, he pays.  (This by the way is a complete reversal of the “penalty” of sex which used to fall mostly on women.)  And if he doesn’t pay, he goes to jail.  Divorce courts award custody to mothers overwhelmingly.  Oh, and in college campuses, women outnumber men.

If this is war it is war on men.  And I’ve had just about enough of everyone who claims otherwise.

Indeed.  Read the whole article!

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Be a man, don’t just try to get sex

No Nonsense Self Defense has a good post here

That Dalrock talks about here in his post on Deeper Questions of what it takes to be a man.

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IBD: Washington Distracts Us As Fiscal Disaster Looms

Washington Distracts Us As Fiscal Disaster Looms

Budget: Our out-of-control federal debt is a lot like a bad disease: Just because you ignore it doesn’t mean it will go away. Even as pundits and economists tout a U.S. recovery, our fiscal picture just keeps getting worse.

Weird, isn’t it, that politicians have almost stopped talking about the worsening fiscal picture and are instead talking up the economy, the stock market, female contraception, Rush Limbaugh — anything but our budget.

That’s why it was good to hear former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels make a case this week in rather stark terms that our budget deficits and growing debt have to be tackled right away, or we’ll lose control of our future.

“Whether one believes in a large, very active government or something more limited, mathematically the amount of debt we already have and the terrifying rate at which it is accumulating will lead to national ruin,” he said. “There is no other outcome arithmetically possible.”

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Alpha Game: Experimenting with eye contact

Vox has a new post about eye contact that references Chateau’s post from a while ago.

I started experimenting with eye-contact several months ago and my results were very similar to what it being reported.   At first, the act was unnatural and it required mental exertion in order to not reflexively look away.  After a while it became more natural and almost a game.  The responses from the women in particular were the most interesting.  The most feminine women seem to hold eye contact the longest, although I work with a lot of engineers, YMMV.

The anonymous comment is funny but insightful:

Roissy needs to put a warning label on this post. Eye contact is a sign of aggression.

Obviously not all eye contact is a sign of aggression and there is more to your overall body language that plays into this, but there is a very large kernel of truth to holding eye contact being an aggressive act.  This would explain why most people are uncomfortable initially because at some gut level they feel it would be committing an act of aggression which they are subconsciousness trying to avoid.  Perhaps aggression is the wrong word as that is not the right frame, I think it is more of a lack of fear which at times can be apprehended as aggression.

Speaking of fear, I seem to remember some game commandment that has to do with fear. Ah yes, of course. Le Chateau. Fearful breaking of eye contact does not convey confidence.

XVI. Never be afraid to lose her
You must not fear. Fear is the love-killer. Fear is the ego-triumph that brings abject loneliness. You will face your fear. You will permit it to pass over and through you. And when your ego-fear is gone you will turn and face your lover, and only your heart will remain. You will walk away from her when she has violated your integrity, and you will let her walk when her heart is closed to you. She who can destroy you, controls you. Don’t give her that power over yourself. Love yourself before you love her.

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