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Science properly understood

Rand Simberg: Time to get Religion out of Science classes I have a modest proposal. Instead of promulgating either the Christian religion, or the Green religion in our science classes, let’s get teachers who actually have degrees in science (as … Continue reading

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Continuing the recent crop of nagging articles over at Alpha Game: The Science of Nagging However, the single most important thing that everyone should keep in mind is that if you care a great deal about something a) getting done, b) … Continue reading

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Succinct definition of feminism

Equal but Different From Why I do what I do: Succinct definition of feminism FEMINISM-Encompasses a mantra of absolute freedom of choice for women, i.e. the ability to behave in any chosen manner, freed from expectations and responsibilities; embraces immorality and … Continue reading

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The New American Divide

Charles Murray has a new article out in WSJ about the growing inequality in society. America is coming apart. For most of our nation’s history, whatever the inequality in wealth between the richest and poorest citizens, we maintained a cultural equality … Continue reading

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Women and Children First?

Dalrock has a post on Women and Children First after the sinking of the Costa Concordia. Interestingly he points out that feminists actually derided this policy… …such an attitude provoked sharp responses from early feminists, who believed that ‘women and children first’ infantilised … Continue reading

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Yum: Sauteed Coconut Shrimp

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Captain and First Officer

Athol is on a roll recently about Captain and First Officer roles, here, here, and here. My only concern with female-led relationships is that by doing so, the woman unwittingly subverts her primary purpose in having the relationship in the first … Continue reading

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Surviving Jared Loughner

Surviving Jared Loughner I have heard Gabrielle Giffords name many times, but I’ve never heard of Mr. and Mrs. George Morris. Mr. Morris sought out Rep. Giffords that morning to take her to task for her support of liberal causes … Continue reading

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Welcome to Air & Space. This an introductory post on the philosophy of this blog: Things that Fascinate me: Physics Philosophy Politics Sex Economics Space I enjoy exploring the foundations of truth and wisdom.  The world makes much more sense … Continue reading

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