Succinct definition of feminism

Equal but Different

From Why I do what I do: Succinct definition of feminism

FEMINISM-Encompasses a mantra of absolute freedom of choice for women, i.e. the ability to behave in any chosen manner, freed from expectations and responsibilities; embraces immorality and promiscuity while refusing to recognize absolutes concerning right and wrong, thus promoting convenient and flexible morality; maligns marriage, parenthood and all forms of social expectations and accountability; encourages shallow, narcissistic behavior; forwards an agenda of socialism, encouraging big government and dependency upon the state; promotes the interests of women at the expense of men, encouraging the intentional denigration of men, masculinity and fatherhood.

Another good quote from The true nature of feminism:

There seems to be a perpetual attempt to reinvent and reclaim feminism….something tantamount to trying to reinvent and reclaim Nazism in my eyes. It doesn’t matter how you repackage or try to sell it…it’s never going to be anything more than a hate movement. Anything built upon a foundation of hate and lies will always eventually fall back to the invidious roots that support it.

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