Don’t be alarmed, feminism has come to help

Dalrock’s new post, Don’t be alarmed

Quote from Samuel in the comments about sums it us:

If men colluded with feminism, it was unwittingly, buying into a deceptive trick that women wouldn’t power-grab when they had the chance… but grab they did. It was like trusting a slick-haired politician to totally keep their campaign promises.

They also assured us they weren’t nearly as evil as men are, but… they are, in fact, worse.



I think feminism got a boost it never could have survived without, in the form of abortion and birth control. It would be unsustainable without those.

I love the way this post illustrates that they are either competent adults, or 8 yr old brats, and cannot simultaneously be both. The best women I know realize that they become destructive psychos sometimes, so they defer to men, who are much less prone to that, and better designed to handle the pressures of leadership because of it. The main question is, are they mature and honest enough to acknowledge their own madness and irrational destructive behavior, or will they just keep trying to act like it isn’t there or it’s someone else’s fault (which is like trying to get us all to accept the Emperor’s new clothes when we can all see he is naked)

It is their childlike element that lets me know that I MUST retain a position of authority, in relating to them. I love that nutty childlike element in some ways, it can even be charming, if not mildly (or majorly) annoying… but a person like that is not going to be the boss of me.

Further, I will not be a slave to my own desires, to the point that I become a slave to the women I desire. I master my desires, I master my life, and therefore, I master women. The result?

Happy me. Happy women. General order in my home. Absence of madness and destruction.

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