Obamacare: A feminist’s fantasy?

A voice for men has an article on Obamacare from a male/female parity perspective:

It turns out that in some cases, some women may have to pay for birth control.  This means that a tiny number of women will be treated just like men.  You see, Obamacare already has no provision for male reproductive health.  All female gender specific health needs, including birth control such and  tubal ligation, is covered free of charge.  Vasectomy is not, along with all other male gender specific health care needs.

Women would still enjoy hundreds of privileges, programs, pampering, and special provisions.  Men would continue to experience nothing but neglect and hate.  In a very small number of cases, one of the many female-only provisions would not apply.  There is no mention that there are no provisions for men or boys, anywhere in this vile feminist document.

So all this fuss is basically because a tiny number of women, in a tiny number of cases, regarding a tiny number of privileges, might be treated just as badly as all men are treated, in all cases, all the time.

Here is my message to all feminists:

Fuck off and die.

The anger in the MRA can be a bit much at times when you are not in that frame, but Hawaiian Libertarian aptly summed it up in his post on Justified Anger:

 Why don’t you care? Why aren’t you angry?

I’ve been angry for years. Sometimes it feels like the potential for unhinged rage. Mostly, it’s kept subsumed and hidden, only to find expression when I hear the muse to write something again. Much of the source of inspiration for 5 years of blogging here and writing for The SpearheadIn Mala Fide and commenting all over the manosphere is driven by this anger.

Anger at a system and a society that indoctrinates us all to believe that we live in the greatest civilization in the history of mankind because we are a society founded on freedom and justice…and yet you wake up one day and SEE quite plainly the destruction and havoc it wreaks on the personal lives of the people you know and love.


You bet the denizens that make up this thing we call the “manosphere” are angry.

To not feel anger at the current situation is inhuman.

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