Vox Day succinct MRA post

Via Instapundit:
VOX DAY TO PEGGY NOONAN: You don’t understand my generation at all.

It is neither the Internet nor the anonymous commentary it provides that has brought about the ongoing revolution of the male perspective concerning what once used to be known as “the fair sex.” It is, rather, the result of the first generation steeped in feminist propaganda from kindergarten to college graduation reaching an age where their voices are finally being heard. And the voice of the male half of Generation X and those generations following it is a contemptuous one indeed, because many of these men, including some of the most articulate, understand how utterly they were lied to by every authority figure they ever knew concerning the opposite sex.

Seems right.

The men of Noonan’s generation – at 62, she is a Baby Boomer – still operate under the assumption that women will behave as they did when their behavior was kept in check by traditional expectations. They still believe in the myth of the fair sex. …The men who grew up playing Atari… and Nintendo…know better. What Noonan is witnessing is not male diminishing of women because they are women, but rather, well-merited male contempt for women due to their observed behavior.

Men have long understood that instinctual male behavior was barbaric at heart and needed to be suppressed in order for civilization to prevail. What was forgotten was that instinctual female behavior was even less civilized.

This reminds me of the phrase that both Men and Women are fallen, but women fell first.

What Peggy Noonan does not realize is that whereas men once assumed that a woman was a lady until proven otherwise, increasing numbers of them assume women are shallow and superficial until they are provided with credible evidence to the contrary.

Related: Charles Murray’s one-sided shaming. Seems there’s lots of anti-Boomer pushback from the Pickup Artist community.

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